ARY Film Festival


The ARY film festival is going on, and its last day of this event today.  Today this event is going to held in Karachi at Cinepax Cinemas, Ocean Mall from 5pm onwards. This event is a right step in a right direction by ARY Digital network.

The aim of the ARY Film festival is to provide a vital platform for the youth and filmmaking enthusiasts to celebrate their passion together.

It is an opportunity by ARY Network, to set up a forum where well-known names from the film and media industry share their knowledge with the participants.

The CEO of the ARY Network said, that the main objective of the ARY film festival is, “To distribute local movies in Pakistan and internationally, to produce good quality movies, to grow the local infrastructure where we could bring forward Pakistan’s film and talent. He said, Festivals like these are the crux from where we can bring forth the talent”.