Aloo Puffs Recipe

Aloo Puffs Recipe

The people who don’t eat beef or mutton they love to eat aloo puffs.  Aloo puffs can be served as an appetizer. Boiled potatoes are used for Aloo puffs.  These are also beneficial for health. Because boiled potatoes contain lot of vitamins and minerals. Boiled potatoes are low in calories and fat.

Aloo puffs are crisp on the outside. These are combination of real mashed potatoes any easy to make. A cheap dish, no extra or expensive ingredients are used in aloo puffs.

Aloo puffs can be ready within maximum 20 minutes. It can be one of your Iftar item. Mostly people like to eat aloo puffs in lunch.

You can serve it with ketchup and mayonies.

Aloo puffs Recipe