Aloo Basen Tikki Recipe For Ramadan

Aloo Basen Tikki Recipe

Aloo Basen Tikki can also be said Aloo and Besan kay kabab. These are important and suitable dishes for your lunch, dinner and especially for Iftar. It enhances your taste and satisfaction.

Serve this delicious Aloo Basen Tikki Recipe as a starter or can be serve at supper time with the sauce or chutney of your choice, like Dhanye Ki Chutney and Podiny Ki Chutney.

Aloo Basen Tikki Recipe For Ramadan

Aloo Basen Tikki Recipe

Aloo Basen Tikki Recipe is an easy and traditional cooking Recipe. It provides you an awesome taste. People mostly made Aloo Basen Tikki in iftar time. Allo Basen Tikki Recipe is a Delicious Recipe. People made it at homes.

Aloo Basen Tikki can be eaten with Rice and also with chapaati. It increases the taste of your food and the worth of the table.


Ingredients Use in Aloo Basen Tikki

Potato                                      3-4 pieces

Basen                                       ½ cup

Tomato                                    1 piece

Green Chilli                              4 pieces

Green Coriander                     ¼ cup

Cumin seeds                            ½ Tea spoon

Ajwain                                       ¼   Tea spoon

Pomegranate Seeds               3 Table spoon

Mix Spices                                ½ tsp

Red chilli                                   1   Tea spoon

Coriander seeds                      1   Tea spoon

Lemon juice                             1 Tea spoon

Salt                                            1 Tea spoon

Egg                                            1



Mix all the ingredients with Mashed potatoes.

Make the small katles.

Now fry the Allo Basen Tikki in oil.

It is ready to taste.

Aloo Basen Tikki Recipe