Ainy Jaffri Upcoming Film Haraam | Shooting Wraps Up

Ainy Jaffri Upcoming Film Haraam

Ainy Jaffri is the young, emergent and stylish Pakistani actress and model. She was born in a big city of Pakistani, Karachi, but she spent her most of the life in Singapore. Ainy Jaffri belongs to a Muslim family, and she has two younger sisters. Ainy Jaffri worked in so many drama serials and also worked as a brand ambassador of different brands such as Ufone, Sunsilk and many more.

Ainy Jaffri who was last seen in Balu Mahi in London and now she is all set for the shooting of her next film Haraam. Ainy described the movie is a story about one sided love. “Haraam is a story of love, the one-sided kind.”, she said.

While talking about the story of Ainy Jaffri Upcoming Film Haraam, she added:

“What happens when you fall in love with a friend who can never see you as more even if they tried? As exclusive and hurting as it may feel, it’s actually a common human skill and a direct experience of the writer. Haraam discovers themes of love, cultural diversity, and religion.”

The movie is directed by Serge Rashidi Zakuani who has already made two independent films. Ainy Jaffri added: “They are presently in post-production and Haraam will be his third film. SRZ tells independent stories that give a factual reflection of London and its various ethnic makeups.”

When she was asked about her role play in the movie, she said, “My character’s name is Layla. The film follows the ventures of this group of young ethnically diverse grown person who works in a picture outlining store. It’s Layla’s last day, her best friend Geo is in love with her but due to cultural and religious differences he is nervous to open up to her about his feelings.”

SRZ had some really decent lines to say about his involvement in working with Ainy Jaffri. He said:

“Working with Ainy has been nothing short of remarkable. From the first script read-through until her very last scene, Ainy has been more focused, kind and humble considering her increasing success.”

He further added:

“I feel blessed we managed to get her committed to the project and I’m super excited for audiences to watch the depth, helplessness, and honesty she brings to the role of Layla. With a beauty that exceeds physical appearance, Ainy Jaffri is a global rising star and I couldn’t be prouder to list her as a cast member of our film.” She also shared shooting wraps up of Haraam.

Ainy Jaffri shared her thoughts on working with him:

“I’ve had an excessive time working with the team and really looking forward to seeing the final film.”

There are so many films that are being anticipated more for success and business. It’s not wrong to say that Pakistani film industry is returning to the quality with a standard at movies. Let’s see what Ainy Jaffri Upcoming Film Haraam brings to the public.

Ainy Jaffri Upcoming Film Haraam Ainy Jaffri Upcoming Film Haraam Ainy Jaffri Upcoming Film Haraam Ainy Jaffri Upcoming Film Haraam