Agar Agar Dessert Recipe

Agar Agar Dessert Recipe

Agar agar dessert is everyone’s favorite. It can be a special treat to dessert lovers. Agar agar can be used to make jellies, puddings, jams and desserts. It is also beneficial for health; it is very rich in iron and calcium. It contains low fats and carbohydrates. Agar agar dessert is also best for dieting. If you are conscious about health and diet or patient of sugar, you can skip the sugar in your dessert and replace it with any low calorie sweetener.

Addition of rose water will provide a taste like rose milk. Everyone will love it due to its yummy taste.

You can make it at your home by following this recipe.


  1. Milk – 1 litter
  2. Water – half litter
  3. China grass – 2 spoon
  4. Rose water – 2 spoon
  5. Sugar – 5 spoon

Preparation Method:

  • Boil half liter water and then mix sugar and china grass in it.
  • Now add milk and rose water in that boiled water and again boil it.
  • Your dessert is ready, keep it in freezer for few minutes and serve it.

Agar Agar Dessert Recipe