Aam Ka Murabba Recipe


Mangoes are national fruit of Pakistan. It is a summer fruit, people love to eat it, and like to eat it in several ways. Aam ka murabba is most wanted jam which is prepared in summers as mangoes come and it can be preserved for the entire year.  It is a favorite stuff for kids.

Mangoes have a collection of health benefits to offer. So Aam ka murabba can be a great option for availing the beneficial perspective of mangoes throughout the year.

Aam ka murabba can lower serum cholesterol levels because they have high content of pectin, vitamin C and fibers. Aam ka murabba (mango jam) can be quite effective in keeping your cholesterol level under control round the year.

Aam ka murabba goes very well with chapattis and bread. It can also be used as a sweet after meal.

Aam Ka Murabba Recipe